Simon Peters, Eagle Organisation

Simon grew up in Redruth, Cornwall before moving to Bristol in his early twenties. A keen sportsman and rugby player, he worked in hospitality while studying for a BSC in Health and Fitness. After completing his studies he worked as a Fitness Instructor, and before long he had saved up enough to realise his dream of spending 6 months travelling the world. On returning to Bristol he resumed working in the Fitness Industry, but after a while he found there was a lack of opportunities for progression and he began to think about a career in a new field.

Simon started working with Eagle Organisation in 2012 after applying though an online job board.

“I had never really thought about working in sales, but I saw it as a great opportunity. I went in and met with the Director to find out more. I knew it was something I could be really good at.”

Simon still remembers his first few days at the company. “I liked the positive atmosphere and enthusiasm in the office. The success stories from the people I met in my first week were a clear demonstration of what was achievable. Comparing myself to people who were competing for the same role I felt I had something to offer that perhaps they didn’t.”

Simon excelled as a salesperson, being promoted to Crew Leader in under 6 months. He was soon providing training for new recruits and running impact meetings designed to help the sales team in honing their skills. 4 years on, Simon has just been promoted to Assistant Owner – one step away from running his own office.

So what are the secrets to his success? And what has he learned along the way?

“You’ve got to be a little bit fearless. Not in the sense of taking risks, but in terms of being able to push yourself that little bit further. This role has definitely made me more resilient and determined when it comes to achieving goals. As a sportsman I was always competitive. ‘Winning’ now for me is all about hitting my targets and working to be the best in my field. In this type of role you learn to constantly re-evaluate yourself and think about what you can improve to get better results.

“To do well in sales all you really need is good people skills and the right attitude. The main difference I see in the people that do well in sales and those who don’t, is that those with a ‘can-do’ mentality perform at a higher level than those who doubt themselves. If you look at other successful people, the one thing they all have in common is that they don’t let doubts hold them back. They can turn any situation into a positive. Every challenge is a chance to achieve something you can look back and be proud of.”

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