Tanya Overton-Summers

Tanya becomes latest Barratt recruit to begin site management training in the south west

Tanya Overton-Summers began her promising career initially by taking on the role of receptionist within a housebuilding company at the age of 20, and our trainee assistant site manager quickly showed her potential.

“From being a receptionist, I moved into the role of production administrator – which involved a whole range of construction-related activities, including health and safety administration, aiding with programming and HR paperwork to appoint new apprentices,” said Tanya. “I got an insight into the world of housebuilding and got to visit working construction sites.

“I wanted to get even more involved in the work being carried out on-site, so I started to think about a new career direction within this same industry.

“Barratt was looking for trainee assistant site managers, and the accelerated training course on offer seemed perfect for me. I applied and was delighted to be accepted into the initiative.”   Tanya joined is in September 2015 and immediately embarked on a six-week intensive programme including multi-trade skills and health and safety management within construction. “It was a great way to start, and now in on site, gaining valuable practical experience and guidance from my specially-appointed coach and line manager.

“I’m due to complete my training a few months, when I’ll take part in a Barratt site management simulation at Coventry University, which I’m really looking forward to. After that, I hope to progress to an assistant site manager on one of our sites in the South West.

“Eventually, I’d like to be site manager, which is the aim of this excellent Barratt initiative – to bring in new talent and provide training in order to create the next generation of managers. “Although in the past women didn’t necessarily see an opening for them in construction, more are finding their skills and potential lie within this diverse and interesting industry. I’m looking forward to many years ahead with Barratt”

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